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CPC Architectural Coatings Division
Weatherseal exterior woodstain

WeatherSeal™ Premium Exterior Wood Stain & Sealant is the standard by which all other exterior wood treatments are measured. Suitable for use on nearly all types of outdoor wood surfaces, WeatherSeal semi-transparent stains provide a rich, natural wood appearance & long-lasting protection against the elements in one easy-to-apply, long-lasting formula. WeatherSeal’s unique “dripless” consistency cuts down on waste, prevents pigment settling so you stir less, & spreads silky smooth for even color & unmatched performance.

WEATHERSEAL™ Premium Oil-Based
Exterior Wood Stain & Sealant

Weatherseal Stain Color Options

Features & Benefits

  •  Thick, rich consistency

  • “Dripless” formula limits pigment settling & 

        minimizes mixing mess

  •  Naturally-derived, plant-based oils outperform less-  effective water-based products

  •  Formula can be diluted with mineral spirits &  sprayed see application guide for details

  •  Fast-drying formula penetrates quickly with   recoating possible in 4 hours or less

  •  Available in a wide range of colors

  •  Long-lasting for up to 5 years of worry-free   protection

  •  Low VOCs means less odor

Environment-Friendly, low VOC


Packaging Options

1-gallon (3.8L) cans (4 to a case)

5-gallon (18.9L) pails

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