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CPC Industrial OEM Specialty Paint Division



The breakthrough of our Zero VOC urethane was a result of a cooperative partnership with a major truck manufacturer who was in a costly situation with EPA regarding VOC emission violations and which were resulting in daily fines. Their choice was to limit their production and miss delivery dates with their customers or meet their production schedule and absorb the daily cost of EPA fines. The other global paint companies supplying this truck manufacturer could not solve their VOC paint problem.

Continental was able to design a unique 3 part Urethane system that met and exceeded their performance specifications, while at the same time dramatically lowering their VOC output. Our lower VOC urethane enabled them to meet their heavy production schedule without exceeding their VOC permit limit. But our Research & Development did not stop here. Continental further developed our groundbreaking high performance ZERO VOC 2K urethane, which then replaced the 3 component system.



The design of our urethane DTM primers with our urethane top coats provides an advanced coating system unique to the industry. 2K urethanes are generally not used as DTM coatings because of adhesion problems. The development of our DTM primer is another first in the paint industry. When used properly together in the painting process, our primer and top coat system will chemically bond together at the molecular level to form a single primer/top coat film as opposed to two distinct primer/top coat films. As a result, the top coat will never delaminate from the primer because the two coatings merge into a single monolithic film. This is what makes our DTM primer/topcoat system different from all the rest and why it is such a unique and powerful performer!

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