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X-Tra Stick™

Adhesive Additive for Kool Ray

Kool Ray™ Liquid Shade designed to wear off gradually throughout the growing season, with Mother Nature doing most of the removal work for you, but sometimes you want your greenhouse shading to stick around for a bit longer than usual. That’s why we developed X-Tra Stick Adhesive Additive. When added directly to the undiluted Kool Ray concentrate in the recommended dosages, X-Tra Stick will enhance the adhesive strength of the diluted Kool Ray Liquid Shade, thereby increasing its workable lifetime and overall resistance to wear.

X-Tra Stick works best when used in Kool Ray applications on glass greenhouses, but if care it taken it may also be used on hard and flexible plastic glazing materials. Be forewarned, if you choose to use X-TRA STICK there is the possibility that it may prove challenging to remove later.


1-quart (0.94L) bottles

1-gallon (3.8L) cans

Recommended Dosage Rates

We recommend starting at the lower end of the scale and then working your way up. Always conduct a test application prior to applying to the entire greenhouse to make sure the results meet your expectations. The following dosage table contains volumes of X-Tra Stick required per gallon/liter of Kool Ray Liquid Shade Concentrate. For additional information please consult the X-Tra Stick product label or download the Kool Ray Coverage and Density Guide.


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