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Kool Ray™ is a spray-applied liquid shading concentrate designed for seasonal application on the exterior of both plastic and glass-covered greenhouses. The bright, highly-reflective color of Kool Ray is a cost-effective alternative to mechanical greenhouse shading. It’s also a great way to lower the inside temperature of a greenhouse during the warmer spring and summer growing seasons. This is a great way to keep combination retail/growing facilities comfortable for both plants and people. Kool Ray liquid greenhouse shading is a concentrated formula that must be diluted with water to the desired shading level prior to application. Once applied, Kool Ray’s environmentally friendly ingredients are designed to wear off slowly and gradually throughout the growing season. This gradual wearing-off lets more light enter the greenhouse as the days grow shorter and the weather gets colder. Since the speed at which Kool Ray wears of is completely dependent upon Mother Nature, precipitation frequency, duration and strength will impact its performance. Ray works best when spray applied but it can also be applied with a brush or a roller


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