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Industrial Paint & Coatings Since 1916

We are Problem Solvers

Our customers depend on Continental Products to diagnose and find solutions to their Industrial Paint needs and problems whether those needs entail compliance challenges, application issues, production line difficulties or field performance deficiencies.

Continental's customer-driven approach has yielded flexible paint solutions for its clients with paint formulations that are adapted to meet specific and often complex coating requirements.

When designing a paint for a customer, it is standard for our chemists to create a series of formulation ladders to determine performance and cost parameters.

Below are some examples of Continental Products solving your problems.


Above is a salt spray/corrosion test series of "scribed" metal panels using the same backbone paint chemistry, but with different modifications in order to determine the best formulation for the customer.


This is a waterborne coating we developed for an automotive customer who switched to this custom formulated coating after seeing the incredible 1000 hour salt spray results.

Note the scribe line and the extraordinary performance achieved with our waterborne technology.


Here we have an example of a formulation being developed for a customer tested over scribed cast iron panels.

These panels were subjected to 504 hours salt spray


Here is a sample of a custom formulated air dry water-based paint corrosion test.

Note the 1000 hour performance.


Here is a cyclic salt spray at 360 hours; 2 Continental Products formulations tested.


Here is an example of competitor's paint enduring the same 360 hour cyclic salt spray over the same part as our formulations in the photo left of this photo.

With high performance results, the customer switched to Continental Products.