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High Solids

89-3480 safety yellow

Continental Products has developed a variety of high solids paints in both primer and top coat formulas (bake and air dry) that provide heavy-duty performance.  These paints are used in a wide variety of applications for such diverse manufacturing industries as compressors, chillers, pumps, tractors, etc.

High solids chemistry was developed in response to EPA restrictions limiting the use of traditional solvents in solvent-based paints. One of the benefits of having petrochemical solvents in a paint system is that they can, in a limited fashion, solubilize (dissolve) oils and other contaminants on a metal surface. The paint’s solvent-dissolving action on oils and other contaminants will allow the paint film to adhere better to such a surface without having to clean it to the degree that other paint chemistries require.

High Solids technology still preserves the chemistry of a solvent-based system, but the difference is that the resin solids of the paint system are higher and require less petrochemical solvents, which in turn lower its VOC’s. This does not mean that proper surface preparation is not necessary to achieve good paint adhesion for high solids paint, but it does mean that such paint is not as sensitive to surface contaminants as are other paint chemistries and particularly water-based systems. Consequently high solids paint can be a bit more forgiving over a slightly contaminated surface than other paint systems. Additionally, because the solids in such a paint system are higher, they will generally deposit a thicker film and more coverage per gallon in a single pass than paints with lower solids.


Pictured is a natural gas-line compressor made by a world leader of natural gas compressors that uses our special high solids electrostatic formula for all their compressors.


Pictured is a PennDOT high solids enamel for salt spreader.


Pictured are DOT plows with our high solids primer and top coat fortified with our special accelerator/hardener additive.

compressor on line

Pictured is a high solids DTM paint over this refrigeration compressor eliminated their previous use of a primer while meeting their specified performance requirements and reducing processing/material costs.

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