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Horticultural Products

Continental has been manufacturing world-class products for the commercial greenhouse industry for nearly 80 years. Beginning in the early 1940’s, the heyday of commercial greenhouse activity in the Midwest, Continental began to position itself as the innovation leader and preferred national supplier of specialty greenhouse paints, bedding compounds, and top glazing sealants in North America. By the 1950's Continental had developed the first-ever liquid shading concentrate designed specifically for use on greenhouses – Kool Ray™ Liquid Shade – and in the span of a few short years, it quickly became the standard against which all other liquid greenhouse shade compounds would be measured.

Today, Continental Products is proud to remain a key manufacturing partner to the commercial greenhouse supply market. While our products and technologies may have changed over the years, our drive to innovate and our mindset toward continuous improvement have not. Along with our flagship product, Kool Ray Liquid Shade, we also make X-Tra Stick™, an additive for Kool Ray that enhances its durability.

You can find Continental products for sale at greenhouse supply distributors and specialty retailers throughout the United States and Canada.

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