Industrial Paint & Coatings Since 1916

Continental Products Sets a New Performance Standard 105 Years Later

Continental has proudly served the industry for 105 years as Continental Products, and is ready to serve the industry for another 105 years and more as Continental Performance Coatings. After 105 years of dedication, innovation, wear, and tear, the company has gained character, but it is time for a fresh coat.

“While the highly respected Continental Products brand name has served the company well since its inception in 1916, the company no longer performs as the paint generalist that ‘products’ suggests,” said Guy Braun, Director of Continental Performance Coatings. “The name Continental Performance Coatings, the industrial coatings division of Cru Performance Coatings, will better reflect our focus on problem-solving, VOC compliant, high-performance OEM finishes and our expanding line of high-performance industrial maintenance coatings. Continental Performance Coatings along with our sister company, Rio Flooring Systems, will serve as a high-quality single-source supplier for industries throughout North America.”

The culture of the company is evolving as new generations emerge into the work force and the brand is evolving right alongside it. The rebrand encompasses innovation in the industry, futuristic thinking in product performance, and a progressive approach in growth and collaboration among the team which creates trust in the company and employees.

Continental’s brand color, blue, represents the values of honesty, integrity and reliability for customers, employees, and products which comprises an identity the company is proud of.

Continental Performance Coatings will supply two new sub brands, Cru-Tech and Cru-Spec. Cru-Tech products will include high performing technologies for OEM product finishes such as:

Cru-Shield – Maximum Performance 2K Acrylic Urethane System

Cru-Thane – Quick Dry DTM 2K Polyester Urethane

Cru-Cryl – Ultra Fast Dry Single Component Acrylic DTM Technology in WB (water base) and SB (solvent base) versions.

Cru-Coat – Quick Dry Single Component Alkyd DTM Technology in WB and SB versions.

Cru-Gard – Quick Dry, High Build, Surface Tolerant Epoxy Technology in WB and SB Versions.

These brands will serve to readily identify Continental’s most popular, strongest performing, time tested, technologies.

Cru-Spec products will provide reliable, high performance industrial maintenance coatings for various components of industrial infra-structure. Cru-Spec products will include water and solvent base industrial enamels, dryfalls, epoxies and 2K urethane targeted to the maintenance painter, for brush, roll or spray applications.

“A strong brand is critical and adds great value to a company,” said President and CEO Byron Smith. “For over a century we have provided high quality products and services but were missing a core identity. We are excited to rollout our new brand and expect to bring more value to our stakeholders and shareholders alike.”

Continental has previously expanded into the wood coatings and horticulture coatings markets finding success in both industries, and to this day is one of the oldest wood coatings suppliers in the industry. Change has proven powerful for Continental and as the company moves further into this decade, Continental Performance Coatings will continue to represent the finest in VOC compliant, corrosion resistant, user-friendly high-performance coatings along with the high level of service and support that Continental’s customers have come to expect.

Continental Performance Coatings is a paint and coatings manufacturing company started in 1916 in Euclid, OH. Originally established as a paint and varnish manufacturer supplying Industrial Maintenance Paints to customers in the surrounding Cleveland Tri-State area, the company has grown to produce a wide range of product finishes and specialty paints and coatings for clients worldwide in such diverse markets as industrial, greenhouse, and wood coatings. Continental believes that the combination of the re-branding, the dedication of employees and the continued loyalty of the company’s valued customers will only lead to greater growth and success in this century and beyond.